Some informations about diving

Despite the growing dive tourism, we are proud to offer you more then 70 beautiful and varied dive sites. The south-west coast of Zakynthos in particular, offers grottos, caves, crevices and steep drop offs, and a few reefs. This impressive underwater landscape provides the perfect backdrop for wonderful dives. Connoisseurs and experts have repeatedly confirmed: amongst one of the most beautiful dive sites that Greece and the Mediterranean has to offer.” 

With fantastic visibility and mainly short journeys, we offer you 2-4 dive trips per day, night dives are up to 3 times per week. The dive sites of Zakynthos are ideal for underwater photographers and videographers. Groupers and Seriolas, moray eels and octopuses, lobsters, slipper lobsters and shrimps, rays and colourful vegetation are unique designs. Particularly impressive are the encounters with the turtles that come to lay their eggs regularly in the bay.

We also offer day trips with our catamarans “Cat Cat” & “Neraki”. As the only dive centre on the island, we transport you with max. 10 divers to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos in the eastern part and in the north of the island to experience absolutely pristine dive sites. Since 2015 we are visiting the wreck of the sunken ferry “MV Zakynthos” in 1989, laying between 28-40m on it's side, full loaded with trucks, motorcycles and many more (Photos & Video of the "MV Zakynthos" you will find in our gallery). All day trips with our "Cat Cat" are having additional costs.

Caves & Caverns

The numerous caverns and caves are another treat - no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find the right and, above all, safe entry point here. Spectacular underwater landscapes allow you to enjoy fantastic dives, because our coast is perforated like a Swiss cheese, even underwater, and it' s always fascinating to enjoy the vivid blue of the sea in the sunlight every time you exit. " There must be well over 100 grottos and caves," reckons Peter, " burrowing into the coast around Zakynthos." Some of these serve as last retreats for the now rare monk seals.

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