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From our own experience, we can warmly recommend our partner aqua med! Regardless of whether you are an individual or a family - a diving accident or a "normal" medical emergency, you will be helped here. Aqua med offers specialized medical services in the area of diving and travel medicine. From the medical emergency hotline to professional emergency management to integrated insurance services, aqua med offers the all-round carefree package for divers and travelers. Whether you are a recreational or professional diver, there is a suitable aqua med dive card for everyone.

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Aqua med is a brand of Medical Helpline Worldwide GmbH, a medical emergency call center for worldwide medical emergencies. With its specialization in diving, travel and emergency medicine and a special insurance package for diving accidents and trips abroad, aqua med is active in the international market.

Our emergency and diving doctors are available to you on our hotline 24 hours/day. From competent medical advice to comprehensive emergency management, you have access to our special know-how 365 days/year. 

      • - 24-hour medical emergency hotline 
      • - Professional emergency management 
      • - Deposit of medical data 
      • - International travel health insurance 
      • - Diving accident insurance 
      • - Diver private liability insurance

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