To simply describe our "Dive Inn" as a " gastronomy" would not come close to doing justice to its actual character and significance. Here, the dive centre and the taverna merge into a Nero-Sport Lifestyle location with daily â la carte meals, a generous breakfast buffet, a bistro style for coffee and cake, as well as a pub for hanging out and chatting with the character of a social gathering. This cosy atmosphere is also a favourite venue for our youngest guests. The childcare team gets involved in painting or handicrafts, exciting board games or child-friendly puzzles, or perhaps just to polish off a portion of spaghetti Bolognese or chicken nuggets with fries.

The daily breakfast buffet is both varied and plentiful. Over the first pot of coffee, the diverse group of guests begins arriving. Everything is served, from homemade bread and breakfast eggs to Greek yoghurt and muesli, there is plenty to choose from and for every taste. Then, relaxed, and invigorated, you can start the busy and exciting day.

Special themed evenings such as Mezé, Fish and BBQ take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays and are already legendary, peppered with socialising and all manner of witty and nonsensical things. With juice, beer, wine, ouzo (aniseed juice) and Greek rhythms, you might even find yourself skidding to the dance floor. Of course, prophylactic "dehydration therapy" is not to be missed.

"Mezé" is best summed up as "Greek tapas", in which typical homemade Greek dishes are placed in the middle of the table and one can feast on Mediterranean home cooking. Here, everyone can enjoy the delicious variety of the Hellenic Cuisine.


During our special "Fish Evening", scales drop off any gourmet's eyes. A three-course menu awaits the fish connoisseurs. Comprising a seafood starter and excellent fresh fish with a salad as the main course, the dinner is complemented with a dessert to satisfy the most discerning palate.


The BBQ Event, as it can be described in all honesty, will not only make the charcoal glow, but will also delight the hearts of our guests. Ranging from chops to steaks, sausages, or chicken, to stir-fried vegetables and a wide variety of side dishes. It doesn't matter whether you're hungry or not, Greek or German, Veggie, or Vegan. We have satisfied everyone and made sure that everyone has had plenty to eat so far.

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