Nero Sport Team


(CMAS TL***)

El Cheffe has been on Zakynthos now for 30 Years and since 2015 is the proud Captain, Grill master & Tour Guide on his Catamaran "Cat Cat".
Daytrips turn to unforgettable excursions when the Master himself explains the correct procedure how to cut a Burger-Roll or when he invites you to the Mohr'schen “Urgern.



Mini-Mohr – together with Peter and Lotte since 2008 forms the Management of the Dive Centre. As of 2004, he is an integral part of the centre and next to PADI / SSI also responsible for the CMAS / VDST in children diving education. With his bags packed, his young family, Mila, Britta and himself now move to Zakynthos and will open the Centre during winter for their guests.


(CMAS *** / PADI DM)

Actually – A Girl for everything. Lotte stays above water throughout the summer - stop – that was until… Since 2007 she tries, in between other things to dive as much as possible. Of course, she remains Girl for everything :)


(Kapitän der Avra)

Decades of experience as a fisherman predestined him to steer the Avra day after day to the right place. He helps where he can, and is by far one of the most reliable Team members – to arrive late, doesn’t exist with him – and this since more than 25 years!


(Sea Horse*)

Britta & Mila did join our Nero-Sport Family in 2014 and started with our sport-program above water. From 2016 on she will share her office with Dennis.




Since 1999 Hans spreads fear and terror amongst us and the guests. During his partial retirement he will try to give his best throughout the summer month of 2015. We are pleased that he will continue to remain with us.


(VDST TL*** / PADI Staff Instructor)

Instructor since more than 20 years and starting his 2nd period of working with Nero-Sport. Lucky to have him back at our dive center.


(CMAS Instructor*)

Our austrian friend has joined our team 2013 and is helping us every year in our main season and will join us this year in august & september.


(Basic Instructor)

The second Dennis in our team has often helped out during the summer month and after 2015 & 2016 he will be again at our centre in 2017. You can meet him from the 14.07 until the 11.08 but he will spend most of his time underwater.



Another old friend and customer of us will work with us at the beginning of the season. As an instructor he is working at Parga for a long time and will be at our center in may. Great to have you with us


(PADI MSDT, ITDA TEC instructor)

Tomek from Sidemount Silesia will lead our Sidemount Workshop middle of july. Apart from regular basic sidemount courses and advanced sidemount he may conduct TEC sm courses for experienced divers and will always be willing to answer any questions in order to promote this great way of diving. Happy to have our great Polish Sidemount Instructor back.



Uwe has been with us for many years and during 2017 he will help out in july. We are very please about this cooperation and wish him and Ada all the best in their new home here in Zakynthos.


(Basic Instructor)

After his 4 months in 2016 he will be back all of the season from april till october and it seems he will join our instructor examination in may.



Many from our team share a close bond with Zakynthos and the underwater world. This year Ada will also be a part and help during June to September.


(Basic Instructor)

Our good Fee will arrive during August and September and during this season will concentrate on her field of duty underwater after finishing her CMAS***.


(CMAS Instructor*)

Lena is our newest member but already well experienced. She will work here from May till end of August, when she will start her university.


(Deutsches Reisebüro)

The nice voice on the Phone and our journey-angel in our German office. Since many, many years, she is organizing your vacation and helps you with advice and support when it is once complicated. Available by Phone or Email